NFPA 1403-compliant live burn of a hotel in Entrelacs

1 photographs by Sylvain Pedneault, Sunday, June 2, 2013

[SPECIAL COLLABORATION] - On June 1st and 2nd 2013, Flash Formation's live burn team (which I'm a member of) organized and coordinated two days of live burn exercises in an abandoned hotel in Entrelacs (Quebec, Canada). In total, 5 spectacular controlled burns were done during the weekend, providing participating firefighters with invaluable knowledge and experience with thermal phenomenons, emergency operations on major fires, advanced water management, health and safety on the fireground, and much more!

As it was the case with previous live burns, this event was again an excellent opportunity to test an iPad application prototype I developed for assisting the incident safety officer in his/her duties during NFPA 1403-compliant live burns.

Since I was the Incident Safety Officer (ISO) during this event, included photographers were taken by Jeanne Dorion-Grenier. Many more live burns to come soon. Contact us to make sure we are available for your next live burn!