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Sylvain Pedneault's photographs are accessible from multiple web sites. The main site,, presents the entire collection of photographs. The other sites (ex: presents a subset of the main collection related to a specific theme or topic. Most sites are in French, but some are in English as well.

French version of

Main site:

Emergency services

French version of Paramedic:


Sûreté du Québec - police:

Hydro-Quebec - power company:

Gaz Metro - natural gas:

APAM - auxiliary firefighters:

Fire departments

St.Hyacinthe Fire Department:

St.Pie Fire Department:

St.Valerien Fire Department:

St.Dominique Fire Department:

Ste.Helene Fire Department:

St.Jude Fire Department:

St.Damase Fire Department:

Ste.Madeleine Fire Department:

St.Simon Fire Department:

St.Liboire Fire Department:

St.Hugues Fire Department:

St.Marcel Fire Department:

Louis-Aime-Massue Multicity Department:

St.Denis Fire Department:

First responders

St.Pie First Responders:

St.Valerien First Responders:

St.Liboire First Responders:

Specific topics

Technical rescue:


Hazardeous materials - hazmat:

Confined space:

Fire prevention:


Live fire drills:


St.Hyacinthe CFR:

Quad Medic:

Granby races:

Frederic Duguay Cyclist Tour:

CMP Mayer: photography at the service of training, awareness and prevention.

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